10 Years of Edward Macaroni Fork

Cast your mind back ten years, it’s any average Thursday in 2011. Space Shuttle Endeavor had just landed for the final time, Rolling in the Deep was blasting on your speakers, and somewhere, someone was typing out a comment on Imgur, the two year old Simple Image Sharer. Three words that would change everything:




It was a day like many others on Imgur. There were cat GIFs, memes, and humans doing neat stuff, when suddenly an unsuspecting post popped up onto Imgur titled, “I know you all used to do this.” Noodles so perfectly placed on a fork, the perfect shade of orange from the cheese-like product that smothered it. Appetizing? Maybe. Sinister? Definitely.

“The movie poster for Edward Scissorhands popped into my head and that was that,” said @fartharder when we interviewed him, “Things were slow at work, and I decided to challenge my creativity by making some kind of relevant comment to every image that showed up in the gallery.”


The man behind the fork is, nowadays, a long-time Imgurian having shared 10 years with the community, “Lifelong midwesterner. Pro-education. Animal lover. Star Wars fan. Still playing World of Warcraft.” @fartharder explained, “The fact that I’ve been using this site for 10 years should tell you I’m old – I’m older than that. Fully vaccinated – I may bite but you will not get rabies.”

Today, as the (in)famous comment sits at -168,200, we toast/roast 10 years of Edward Macaroni Fork. A decade of downvotes has brought tens of thousands of Imgurians on the sacred pilgrimage to downvote The Comment — to complete the pilgrimage you must upvote one of @fartharder’s other comments or posts. This pays homage to the brave soul who stood by his comment without deleting it. All things in balance, as they should be.

“This is definitely a community of caring. The fact that this happens with people from around the world gives me the hope that only seeing the news does not.”


@fartharder’s first upload back in 2011.

Remember the rules of the pilgrimage: You always downvote Edward Macaroni Fork. You must always upvote another comment or post.

Your pilgrimage starts here: https://imgur.com/gallery/9h6Zx

Fork on, @fartharder. Happy 10th Anniversary.

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