11 Wholesome Analyses By A Teacher Of His 1st Graders’ Answers To What’s The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To Them

When it comes to teachers, one can only imagine what it’s like being one. The profession not only comes with a great responsibility to educate the younger generation but also to inspire them and make sure that there’s a suitable environment for everyone to learn and grow. However challenging the world of teaching is and however rewarding it is to spend time with young kids, the main art is to know how to appreciate each and every one of them.

This London, UK-based first grade teacher about whom Bored Panda wrote here and here has come up with another brilliant question to ask his all-knowing pupils. And this time it’s about the best thing that has ever happened to them.

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Probably one of the best things about working with children is how simple and wonderful their understanding of the world is

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George Pointon, a 1st grade teacher, once again has rewarded his Twitter followers with a generous dose of his students’ wisdom. He asked his students a question that perhaps some of the grown-ups have never asked themselves: ‘What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you?’ And he got more than enough material to share. One of the most interesting things about his lighthearted posts is that he provides an analysis, bringing that extra zing to the stories.

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If you have ever tried to ask anything to a kid, you can definitely expect a sincere and quite innocent answer that will make you wonder how the hell are you so complicated. Young children have this uncorrupted and light way of looking at life and it’s quite complicated to maintain once entering your adult years.

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This London-based teacher asked his students about the best thing that’s ever happened to them

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Image credits: GeorgePointon_

The answers surely didn’t disappoint. From rather simple answers involving foods such as bubble gum ice cream, a big donut box, and 2 McDonald’s toys to more philosophical ones such as being born, the spectrum of best things was quite wide. Some of the answers involved experiences, such as swimming with sharks, which then later turned out to be slightly off from the truth as the sharks were actually dolphins. Some kids took quality family time, such as spending time with nana, as the teacher commented that perhaps the recent pandemic may have made kids realize their preferences of being able to see family members.

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The answers have not disappointed and if anything, instantly warmed lukewarm hearts

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Image credits: GeorgePointon_

The teacher has previously had a few similar threads that gathered an impressive amount of likes, comments and re-shares. George had asked his students to answer ‘What would you do as president of the world?’—which, from first glimpse, seems like an easy question until you try to answer it yourself, and then the lightbulb moment hits while reading kids’ answers. He had also posted, analyzed and rated jokes that his class told everyone and it’s quite hard to decide what’s funnier—his spot-on comments or the hilarious one-liners told by 1st graders.

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Of course, some of the students were quite cheeky and perhaps were meant to make the teacher feel better

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Image credits: GeorgePointon_

The thread posted a few weeks ago has received 53.4k likes to date and Twitter users seemed to love it. In fact, a few parents online took this as a chance to ask this question to their own kids and some of them were quite surprised by the answers. Some teachers have also shared their experience about hearing some amazing things coming out of children’s mouths.

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Some of the answers showed how thoughtful and loving the children are

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Twitter users showered George’s thread in over 54.3k likes and to say that everyone has absolutely loved it is an understatement

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