James Fridman is an online legend and, odds are, you’ve seen his work at least once even if you didn’t know the man behind the photo-editing. Known as one of the greatest Photoshop ‘trolls’ and editing wizards on the internet, British graphic designer Fridman takes people’s requests to alter their pictures very literally on purpose. This leads to hilarious photoshops that might just make you giggle and will get your Monday off to a great start.

Check out some of Fridman’s latest hilarious photoshops below, upvote your fave ones as you scroll on down, and let us know which pics you loved the most and why.

We’re huge fans of Fridman’s work here at Bored Panda (and we sometimes wish he’d photoshop us) and you can tell that by how often we’ve featured him before. You’ll find our latest awesome posts about his work right here, here, and here.

More info: JamesFridman.com | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | JamesFridmanFoundation.org

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