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1: Neymar is very unimpressed by this prank suarez plays on him

2: this goalkeeper keeps getting hit in the face in this penalty shootout

3: these people keep failing to keep the injured players on the stretchers

4: this mother gets hit in the face by a ball kicked by her son

5: footballer balotelli messes up this trickshot so badly that he is immediately subbed off

6: peterborough football club manager falls over when the ball pops

7: this marseille manager sits on a hot cup of coffee by mistake

8: this reporter gets hit in the head with a wayward football

9: this viral dad pushes his goalkeeper son infront of the football so he saves it

10: ronaldo starts dancing while he is training before a match

11: this player gets a red card for putting his head through this dugout

12: this linesman accidentally hits jordi alba with the linesman flag

13: this goalkeeper accidentally throws the ball into his own net

14: this guy falls over while taking a penalty but then he gets back up and scores

15: ibrahimovic intentionally throws this ball at the goalkeepers face

16: this 12 year old boy helps china goalkeeper save this penalty

17: neymar finds a bug in dani alves hair and they turn into little children trying to get rid of it

18: this is one of the worst misses in football history

19: ronaldo shakes invisible fans hands as fans aren’t allowed in

20: this player accidentally hits a referee in the head with a corner kick

21: eden hazard mocks raheem sterling before this match

22: david luiz laughs after he dives in this match for chelsea

23: this ball boy stops these two certain goals from going in and runs away after being chased

24: jose mourinho runs onto the field and tackles this player

25: i guess karma is real because in this clip jose mourinho falls over after getting out of a coach

26: this team score straight from kick off surprising the whole of the other team

27: this goalkeeper mistakes the penalty spot for the ball

28: all 3 of these women’s football team players are through on goal but none of them can score

29: columbine highschool striker flips over the keeper and scores

30: in this japanese game this monkey presents the game ball to the referee