35 Adorable Twitter Stories On How People Were Confused About Simple Concepts As Kids

Kids’ logic is a thing of envy. The way they think isn’t bound to some particular reality or concept of reasoning that dictates the rules for the conclusions they have to reach. It’s beautiful because they have unrestricted freedom to be as silly and as adorable as they want without sweating or even understanding it.

Twitter user @sumerianbby shared a story of how she, being a mere 6-year-old, misunderstood the notion of an expiration date on her father’s ID and started crying—she thought it was a particular time for when dad was going to pass away. Kids.

Image credits: sumerianbby

Soon a slew of people joined the conversation, sharing their own stories of how they confused simple concepts and reinterpreted them the way their x-year-old kiddy selves could—using adorable kids’ logic.

Check out the curated list of the best stories Tweeters have shared below and vote as well as comment on the submissions you enjoyed the most. And if you have your own stories to share, why not do that in the comment section below!

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