35 People Are Sharing Awesome Things They Got To Do And Experience As Kids Thanks To Their Parents’ Jobs

Memories of being a kid often involve enjoying quality time with your parents. Often really taking advantage of something that they do. Not everyone’s parents were ice cream parlor owners and getting spoiled with unlimited ice cream was not necessarily an option, or working for NASA and making sure their kids get to marvel at rocket launches; somehow, even then, little things such as bringing used printer paper to draw on remained engraved in one’s memory as the most fun thing ever.

Scott Cunningham, @causalinf on Twitter, calling himself an economist working on a cure for baldness that involves linear regression and wine, asked “What perks did you enjoy as a kid bc of your parents’ jobs?“ The community delivered: the post received over 11.8K quote hits alone and nearly 7K likes. Take a look at the best ones and vote for your favorite ones!

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