50 Of The Funniest Introvert Memes (New Pics)

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Introverts and extroverts see the world very differently, but they’re both loveable in their own unique ways. However, being an introvert isn’t easy, as these memes, collected by our people-and-cat-loving Bored Panda team, will show you. Remember to upvote the ones that you related to the most as you scroll down and be sure to check our our earlier post about introvert memes right here.

However, the world of introversion and extroversion is much more complex than it would first seem. Real introverts and extroverts are far rarer than we think; extroversion is actually a spectrum, not binary; and the vast majority of us are actually ambiverts, falling somewhere in the middle.

Bored Panda previously spoke about the myths surrounding introversion with Dr. Andrew Spark from the Queensland University of Technology. Dr. Spark, who has researched the link between introversion and leadership, explained to us that introverts think about social interaction differently from extroverts and this may impact their career paths and positions.

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