50 People Share The Funny And Awkward Problems That Their Names Have Caused Them

While baristas at Starbucks get a bad rep for misspelling people’s names—seemingly quite deliberately—it would be quite unfair to say that they are at fault here.

Some have unique names, others have common names that are spelled differently, and there are also communication barriers, like outside noise that make you mishear things.

Whatever the case, many of us have had our names butchered at some point in our lives, and in some of these cases it turned out hilarious.

Image Credits: SummerRay

People on the Twitterscape have been sharing stories of how their names were misspelled, misheard, or flat-out ridiculed, whether accidentally or not, and the answers are sure to make you crack up, so keep on scrolling to see a curated list of some of the best stories found. Oh, and don’t forget to vote and comment!

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