50 Times People Couldn’t Believe Their Luck In Thrift Stores (New Pics)

If you’ve ever tried thrift hunting, the chances are you’re hooked. And as the coronavirus restrictions ease and the world is now returning to the quasi-normal modus operandi, secondhand aficionados are uniting for a long-awaited rummage into the post-pandemic finds.

In order to see how the fellow thrift hunters with an immaculate eye for weirdly wonderful details of the pre-owned treasure trove are doing, we have to turn our heads to the best ones. We’re talking the internet’s favorite corner “Weird (and Wonderful) Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared,” a Facebook group that has people posting their proudest secondhand trophies, making everyone sigh and applaud in response.

So roll up your sleeves, it’s about to get thrifty! Psst! More miscellaneous compilations that showcase people’s luck (and skill!) in thrift stores can be found in our previous articles here, here, and here.

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Now its in my parlor, in my house back in my hometown in Michigan, only about 8 mins from where I first found it over 10 years ago.

Vinny DiPonio Report

Here’s My Vintage Thrifted Wedding Dress

Got at my local Goodwill in Worcester, MA last year for only $6.99!!!! I don’t even plan to have a big wedding but I could not leave this Edwardian beauty behind 

Jane Vargas Report

This Is My Little Thrifted Garden Room

Someone was throwing these windows away on a house demolition so we created this little room with them. Most of the decor came from my thrifted treasures or items I made. 

Carrie Ann Nau Report

I Am Also Jumping On The Vintage TV Trend!

I gutted this fb marketplace find this year, the screen was unsalvageable so I turned it into a record stand/storage. The speaker facade opens to reveal hidden storage and the added interior lights are controlled by the original knobs! For those that are curious, it is a 1961 Setchell Carlson. This was my first vintage tv restoration and have since done 2 more! 

Hayleyann Evers Report

I've Wanted To Share The Story Of My Special Lamp For Some Time

A little back story: my Dad left the poor family farm during the Depression to pursue his education at Appalachian State deep in the NC mountains. He earned his tuition by living in a basement boiler room and keeping the boilers fired for that building. He frequently ate on 10 cents a day: a nickel for a Coke, a nickel for a can of sardines, and the soda crackers that were free with the sardines. He picked up a bit of pocket money by playing his guitar for the little mountain churches on Sundays, and playing saxophone with a local dance band on Saturday nights. 75 years later, with my Daddy long gone, we were cleaning out the house I grew up in, preparing to sell it. Among the artifacts that turned up – Daddy’s saxophone. It was never a high quality instrument, and 75+ years in basement storage had not been kind to it. It didn’t make sense to try to restore it, but I couldn’t bear to throw it out. It came home with me and collected dust for a couple of years, until I came home from school one day to find that my brilliant husband had transformed it into this awesome lamp 

Christian Beeker Rothwell Report

We Came Home From Vacation To Find This Dinosaur "Planted" In My Garden

 My father works at a school and I’ve got an unhealthy dinosaur obsession (yes, I’m an adult). They were removing this dino ride from the playground there and he convinced them to let him take it instead of destroying it. As my boyfriend and I were pulling up to our house, he was less enthusiastic about the new addition than I was . My parents thought it was a HYSTERICAL belated birthday present. After some back and forth about where he belongs, the agreement was that I’m *supposed* to be moving him to the back yard… (so no one can see it? or so no one can steal it? who knows!!) but currently I kind of shuffle him around for dramatic effect and majestic photo ops. PS – I’ve started calling him Stuart.

Melinda Messineo Report

My Late Grandma Got Me Into Collecting Skeleton Keys As A Kid

My late Grandma got me into collecting skeleton keys as a kid. My first memory of skeleton keys was her giving me 3 keys and telling me that one was my key to college, another one was the key to the Disney castle, and the third was a key to her heart. Whenever I would get good grades we’d go to antique stores and I would get to pick out a few of my favorite. Anytime I go someplace new I try to pick one up. I have also received a few as gifts. I think they’re just so neat…the stories they could tell. About 5 years ago I moved back home from living in California and was lucky enough to be able to buy my grandmother’s home. A few days ago I FINALLY found a way and place to showcase the keys! I am overjoyed with how cool it looks. Now instead of them being stored away in a box, I can look at them everyday and think about my Grandma. 

Dani Maus Report

This Quilt Was Is Not A Second Hand Find But Rather Has A Long Family History And A Unique Story

My great grandmother started making this quilt when my mom was pregnant with me for a baby gift. She cut out all of the pieces but passed away before it was completed. Years after her death my grandmother decided she should complete the quilt for me. She worked on putting the small pieces together to form the large diamonds that would make up the star. At this time she realized that her mother had cut the pieces wrong and instead of being a 8 pointed star it was going to be a 7 pointed star. She became frustrated trying to figure it out and packed it back up in it’s bag. Some time after that she passed the pieces to my Mom, who had limited experience and didn’t attempt to work on it. Once I hit adulthood the bag was passed to me. I put the large diamonds together to form the 7 pointed star, but did not know how to complete the quilt. A few years later I got married, and my mother in law is a master quilt maker, so she took the 7 pointed star and put it on a beautiful white background and completed the quilt (she used the 8th large diamond to do the edging of the quilt. I think by the time I received the finished project I was around 40. I think that all of the hands and minds that worked together to make this beautiful piece, only make it more valuable. It fits a king size bed, which is a funny thing to make for a baby gift and has never been used on a bed (due to the color and nostalgia connected, and since I have 3 dogs) but I have had it hung up at different times over the years to enjoy. Sorry for such a long winded story, but I hope you enjoyed it. I took some of your advice and decided to use it for the first time ever, I put it on our bed and slept like a baby last night. 

Chrystal Ollenberger Armstrong Report

This Beut Is Mine!

A hydraulics shop was selling it and a coworker spotted it on her way in. I RAN to go get it. P.S. we are librarians 

Odessa Cooley Report

I Used To Sit Around My Grandmother’s Huge Goddess Fountain In Her Gazebo When I Was A Kid And Imagine I Was A Mermaid Swimming In It

 My grandmother passed away many years ago and a lot of my childhood familiarities were taken away after my uncle bought and completely renovated her house. I can go back to imagining myself as a mermaid now that I have finally given my Nanny’s Goddess fountain her forever home in my front yard. Her nakedness may not be welcomed by everyone, but I will cherished her in all her glory for many more years to come. She needs a new coat of paint and maybe some glitter. Anyone have any suggestions for water proof paint or sealer?

Melissa Marie Report

There Was An Old Lady

I found this gem a while back at a thrift shop, She has a bag for a stomach so she can swallow all the items….my kids are kind of creeped out by it 

Alisha Becker Report

This Is My 6×8 Garden Room Built Mostly From Salvaged Windows

I’ve been wanting a wicker chair and, well, they are all so big! I stumbled across the smallest, sweetest chair on marketplace and it was just right down the road. It belonged to her great grandma and she always called it a slipper chair. Anyways, I just think it’s perfect in here.

Carrie Ann Nau Report

I Am In Australia And Kerbside Clean Up Is A Common Thing In My Part Of The Country (Usually Once A Year In Every Suburb)

You put unwanted items out near the curb and council comes and picks it up free of charge. Your neighbours usually scrounge through it first though. This morning someone was complaining that someone had dumped this ‘ugly’ lounge on their front median strip and they were appalled! Oh how I laughed knowing the peeps on here would love to find and save this treasure! Edited to add this is/was located in Logan/Crestmead/Marsden in Brisbane. Don’t know if the owners of the nature strip have had it removed yet or whether a local big furniture lover has already claimed it. Can’t believe all the comments – I’ve fessed up to sharing it on the original community page! 

Alyson Dean Report

I Picked This Huge Mirror Up For $20 At A Local Thrift Store Because It Needed To Live Next To My Rain Lamp

I tried for thirty minutes to get it into my car but it’s wider than a Corolla so the doors wouldn’t close no matter what angle. Two local artists who happened to be leaving the thrift store volunteered to follow me home with it in the back of their SUV. It was absolutely worth twenty bucks, sweating and struggling in a hot parking lot, and being left with limp noodles in place of my arms.

Brittney Winborn Report

I Found A Museum Dollhouse Fully Furnished On Marketplace

Inside were so many treasures. What you see here is not even a quarter. Bonus: Vintage collectables that my mom used to collect. (The little boy and girl figurine) Dishware that one of my best friends collects. Now there’s something in my house for them. My Victorian house is being haunted and is home to a witch. I’m a bigtime miniature enthusiast. I can’t believe I found this!

Cindy Villegas-Long Report

My Parents Received This As A Wedding Gift In The 70s

For years we joked about how ugly it was, and who would be “lucky” to inherit it. My parents moved out of state last year and asked if there was anything we wanted. I chose my great grandmother’s vintage radio. Then as the movers were packing up I remembered the ugly tray. I found one on eBay a few months ago and sent the listing to my mom, joking about how much it was worth. My parents came to visit for Christmas and guess what they carefully packed up and carried on the plane? It was my favorite gift . Only fellow weirdlings would truly understand my joy.

Michelle Barth Dailing Report

Finally Put My Plates On The Wall

Most of the plates have a memory tied to it (belonged to my mom, Grandma, Great Grandparent, gifted, collected, etc.). Since this has been hung and posted on my personal page, I’ve acquired 3 “new to me” plates from a friend!

Heidi Lusby Report

My Most Favorite Mid Century Piece In This Space Is The Terrarium

 I searched for years for that piece. The gorgeous Modeline Danish Walnut floor lamp I scored for free on Facebook marketplace! That was an incredible find. The 70s stripped orange swivel chair was an estate sale find. The swag light, owl, the floral wall piece and Danish side table all were thrifted.

Chanel Boeve-Roth Report

Zodiac Goblet Girl Here

You guys! After I posted my collection, 3 members here messaged and said they’d send me the missing goblets. Shortly after I recieved the Cancer goblet and then the Gemini goblet in the mail. I was overwhelmed by the response! Thank you to Madison Sorrels and Kellie O’Hara Macleod! I’ll be collecting Leo from another member of the group soon. Then I will only be missing 3- Sagittarius, Scorpio and Capricorn. I can’t believe how close I am now to a full collection of these rad zodiac goblets! Thanks for all the love! This group is amazing!

Kari Redmond Report

I Inherited This Painting From My Mother

 My mother, Shirley (named after Shirley Temple as alot of little girls her age were), painted this in 1951 at the age of 18. The picture hung in my bedroom growing up. I would pretend that the frame was a window and she was a neighbor visiting me and we would talk. She never answered back though.

Megin Miller Lueras Report

My Birthday Present

My birthday present. When I received this sewing basket today, I started to cry. (I saw the legs and started bawling before I’d even finished unwrapping it.) I’ve pined over the memory of this basket for years. My Grandma always had it, inherited from my Grandma Bonander (my Grandpa’s mom). When Grandma passed, I think the basket was sold at a yard sale. Today it came home to me. I am so grateful. Thank you to my Mom for finding it. Best gift ever and I’m still in tears that it is finally home after 18 years. Thank you. (It might not be the be exact one but I can’t tell…then again, we live in the same area, so who’s to say it’s not?) Welcone home sewing basket 

Heidi Lusby Report

Y’all. I Might Cry

We found A TACO BELL CHAIR for $4.99 at Goodwill in Fayetteville, AR! It absolutely came home with us! 

Kaitlyn Riggin Report

Yesterday Morning I Came Upon A Yard Sale And Found This Amazing Doll Trunk From The 1950’s Which I Eagerly Swooped Up For $25

I had no idea the value or what all was inside but couldn’t wait to get back and take a look. I had in mind to give it to my mom, she loves antiques (especially toys) and it was also from the year she was born, but when I got it home and found the handmade nurse outfit, I knew it was meant to be since she is also a nurse. I have had so much fun cleaning her up and trying on her outfits. I imagine she hasn’t been played with in many, many years. It made me both happy and kind of sad to think of the love some little girl had for her at one time. I do know she came from an estate in Savannah, GA. She is a Terri Lee doll and the papers with little catalog and stories she came with had 1954 & 1956 on them. She even had two doctor certificates where you could send her if she got “sick” to repair/heal. I just love her and can’t wait for my mom to open her up on Christmas this year!

Amanda Perry Report

If Any Of You Are Of A Fragile Constitution, Look Away Now


Erin P Jadin Christie Report

Why Yes, Those Are Real Teeth. Love It? You Can Find Loads Of Tutorials And Examples Of This Charming “Craft Idea For Those Baby Teeth” On Pinterest

Yes. I bought it. Update: Lots of interesting feedback—maybe not real baby teeth, but VERY good imitation baby teeth (haven’t decided if I will pull one to confirm). 95% sure it is not a Fuggler, but definitely Fuggler inspired…. Update: It IS a Fuggler, an original, named Lana Monster.

Genni McMahon Report

I Scored The Best $50 Deal For My 2 And 4 Year Old Daughters This Year

I got this from Santa in 1993 and it was my favourite thing EVER! A while ago I showed my 4 year old a picture of this set and she has been wishing for one, but I had to crush her dreams by telling her they don’t make them anymore. Well, low and behold someone was selling this on a local buy/sell page so I scooped it up. Not only are all the pieces accounted for, even the extra pieces are still with it! Plus the box and the instruction manual.

Kate Kay Report

I Found This Armoire On The Side Of The Road In My Neighborhood

I hauled it up the hill to my house on a dolly with my uncle’s help. It needs some TLC but I really love it. I’m curious to know if anyone knows anything about pieces like this. It looks really old. My instincts tell me Eastern European or Russian origins . . . I dunno. Does anyone else notice the ‘1850’ painted on the doors and do you think that would be the date it was made? Thank you for any information. 

Callie Dotson Stuckey Report

Oh My! So Happy To See The Beautiful Wedding Dress Finds And Now Engagement Rings Too Because I've Just Realized I Have A Story To Share

My paternal great-grandfather Harry proposed to my great-grandmother Edith with this five stone, full of fire, opal engagement ring. I inherited it after my grandmother (their daughter-in-law), died in 1990. A few really great things about this ring: 1. It actually fits my very skinny finger, size 4 or 4.5! (Now I know where I get them!) 2. The box is as fascinating as the ring. It is leather, velvet lined, and hinged with a latch hook. 3. Not sure the year they married but my grandfather was born (in wedlock) in 1908 so the ring and box are 113+ years old! 4. I looked up the jeweller and learned that Harris Leon Brown founded the store in England in 1861. In 1917, upon his death, his son succeeded him. The business has remained in the family down the line to his great, great grandson today! (The website has pandemic protocols listed for the stores.) 5. Most importantly to me: Inside the ring, alongside the Maker’s Marks, is the inscription “With Harry’s Love”. I wear it often and with gratitude 

Heather Godden Report

My Father Brought This Home In 1965

He hung it on the wall, and mother was NOT happy, lol. She put up with it until they moved, then she hid it in the attic. When my sister and I were clearing the house after their deaths, we didn’t quite know what to do with it. I took it, and I’m so glad of it. It brings me back to my childhood and it’s a great reminder of my dad’s sense of humor. The artist started his long career painting backdrops for the circus. After he retired to Pacific Grove, CA, he made paintings and sold them at a gallery in Carmel. Good times!

Liz Heald Lev Report

Wall Art I Created Out Of My Husband’s Grandma’s Doilies, Thrifted Doilies, Thrifted Lace Table Cloths, And Thrifted Embroidery Hoops

My husband and I found the branch on one of our adventures and brought it home from three states away.

Christan Joy Report

I Made This Showcase Coffee Table By Taking A Radio Flyer Wagon I Purchased On Fb Marketplace And Removed The Wheel And Handle Hardware

 It’s Queen Anne legs come from a coffee table from Goodwill that I painted hammered pewter. The glass top was custom cut and edges polish at a local glass shop. Lastly, I filled the bed of the wagon with a varietyof mementos from my youth such as toy cars, a cap gun, souvenirs or trips, a magic trick book, and even my name badges from my first jobs.

Jeff Bruette Report

You Might See This As Weird Or Wonderful - Hard To Say

I was moving my father from his home to my home. I found this door attached to an item I didn’t care for, but I couldn’t part with the door because my late mother painted it. I removed the door and brought it home. Now it’s a leprechaun door.

Laurie Twigg Report

We Came Home From Vacation To Find This Dinosaur "Planted" In My Garden

My father works at a school and I’ve got an unhealthy dinosaur obsession (yes, I’m an adult). They were removing this dino ride from the playground there and he convinced them to let him take it instead of destroying it. As my boyfriend and I were pulling up to our house, he was less enthusiastic about the new addition than I was . My parents thought it was a HYSTERICAL belated birthday present. After some back and forth about where he belongs, the agreement was that I’m *supposed* to be moving him to the back yard… (so no one can see it? or so no one can steal it? who knows!!) but currently I kind of shuffle him around for dramatic effect and majestic photo ops. PS – I’ve started calling him Stuart. 

Melinda Messineo Report

When I Saw This Lamp, With Photo Slides From The 70’s And 80’s As A Shade,i Had To Have It And Fingers Crossed That It Worked

It works! And the slides make me feel melancholy, because I swear it looks like my family now, and my childhood mixed together. It brings me joy! Each time I look I see a new glimpse of a life filled with love. Goodwill, Bartlesville Oklahoma $8

Stephanie Forsyth Ragland Report

I Bought The Rug Off The Floor Of An Old Record Store

I have no plans of changing the rug or the curtains! I didn’t buy the table and chairs to then have to change other parts of my house. The rug and the table and chairs spark joy for me so I am keeping it the way it is! My house doesn’t need to be perfect it just needs to make me happy. My retro table and chairs! I found the table for a bargain at a thrift store but it was missing chairs. 6 months later I found the chairs on Facebook marketplace. The floral chair pads were still wrapped and had the original vintage instructions still attached to them so they were brand new! The table and chairs look like they were meant to be together. 

Emily Tieman Report

My Friend Gave Me This Chandelier

he dug it out of a dumpster. It is B-I-G huge. I’m guessing 6ft across. I just love it. ***Edit. Ok banana lovers I got a comparison pic but it’s kinda like Where’s Waldo. Lol. See if you can spot it.  To answer a few questions. Yes, the flowers are glass and our electrician knew of the lights weight when he installed the work box, it’s heavy duty. Yes, I do have a fabulous friend. She is actually in this group but I didn’t want to call her out until I asked if it was ok. Jill Hofstetter, every time I look at both of these beautiful lights it reminds me for you! Love Ya and I will be forever grateful. And lastly, if you caught in that last statement, my fabulous friend actually gave me two of these lights. The twin hangs on the first floor of our 127+ yr old building we have spent the last 6 years gutting and putting back together. The last picture is of the second light. It is the one without any of the blue flowers ( I had the blue flowers made by a local glass blower in the area). Also, you guys are the best and this group is one of the most positive/funny sites on Facebook 

Candice Moody Report

Now That I Am Engaged And Going To Have Someone To Share My Holidays With I Have Been Looking For A Set Of Christmas Dishes

 I give you exhibit A. I found this lovely luncheon set for $4. At Fleur de Flea in Louisville, KY. Not realizing it was Mikasa China until after I purchased it! So stoked! Figured I could live with just my little set. Fast forward to today and I dropped by the Elizabethtown St. Vincent DePaul store. It was Wild Wednesday so everything in the back was half price. I am prowling through the Christmas items and had a basket full of bargains when I get to a line of boxes that list Christmas dishes, $10 or $15 for a set. I look at them and fall in love with exhibit B. Turns out to be a set of 40 pieces of a Gibson Santa Claus pattern. I have yet to find what year this was made. But I have 39 pieces, missing one bowl. I can feed 8 people with my new Christmas dishes. And they cost me a whopping $7.50!

Amanda Smith King Report

I Live In A House Built In 1915 And Recently Discovered A Crawl Space That Seems To Have Been Unopened Since The 1970s

 There is quite a treasure trove of things in there, but the crown jewel thus far has definitely been these portraits of the original owners of the house. They are Austrian. The leather case they were stored in was destroyed by critters and the elements but it preserved them! They will be hung back up on the walls of their house where they belong.

Sheila Madden Report

I Just Bought My First Home And Spent Many Hours Perusing Fb Marketplace For Unique Things To Decorate And I Came Across This Gorgeous Room Divider

 I knew it had to be mine as soon as I saw it. I can finally pretend I’m some fancy French aristocrat that tosses her silk robes over the changing partition before she struts out in something slinky to greet her latest suitor….

Emily Fantastic Report

I Found This Adorable Figurine While Thrifting Yesterday

The bottom of it says Charming Tails and it is by Fitz and Floyd. It is precious and brings me so much joy. I also only paid $1.99 for it. *Standard ink pen for scale. 

Shannon Roney Report

In 2016 The Hubby And I Were Fleamarketing

Downtown Little Rock has a place called Galazy furniture and flea market….has a cool corner filled with retro clothing. I found this incredible 70s outfit. Did not come home with me that day. Never forgot that outfit. Apparently the hubby didn’t forget either because in 2018 he came home with it! I was so excited but said ,where will I ever wear it…in 2020 before the big pandemic really got rolling, I turned 50 and we had a big disco party! Finally got to wear it! Still have the outfit, and the shoes of course, and the disco ball and black lights still hang, and im still vacuuming up glitter… 

Robin Bruton Johnston Report

When My Wife And I Moved Into A House Our Friend Gifted Us This Ceramic Chicken Planter That She Found At A Thrift Store

She gave it to us with herbs in it but I am terrible at keeping things alive so all the herbs died and I couldn’t bring myself to try again so I took out all the dirt, gave it a rinse, and stored it. A year and a half later we were going through things to thrift and we found this chicken – I didn’t think I would ever use it so I decided to give it another rinse before taking it to the thrift store. While I was washing it I noticed something carved into the bottom so I decided to read it. “Bob and Rhoda, July 4, 1981 For your new home Love Wilf and Eunice” Aside from the fact that this chicken has some wonderful history to it, something caught my eye – the name, Eunice. See, the house we’re living in used to be occupied by my close friend’s grandma, Eunice. I had been visiting the property for 10+ years which is part of the reason we chose to live here. I reached out to my friend to ask if this Eunice was her grandma and indeed it was! Somehow, in this beautiful, small world, a ceramic chicken that was gifted away in 1981 somehow made it back to the house previously occupied by the person who gave it away in the first place. 

Nick McKee Report

Several Months Back I Bought A Slide Projector With 10 Carousels Filled With Slides At An Estate Sale

I went though them this week and found several dated August 1969 hippies, huge crowds, music festival and lots of mud. My heart quickened…yep. After comparing all of the scenery, scaffolding, stage etc… they are of Woodstock. EDITED: wow go do laundry and woah. So I’m not sharing more or this one clearly while I research how to sell or donate or a combo of both. Covid has given me a detour and I’ve been buying items at estates and selling on EBay 

Amy Peters Report

My Handsome Fiancé And I Recently Bought A House And Everybody Kept Telling Us To Remove This Built-In 1960s Bookshelf And Create A More Open Space. For Me, However, It Was Love At First Sight

it was different, brought its own little charm to the room (there’s a fireplace across from it), and you really can’t find built-ins like this in houses anymore (because everybody removes them to create more open spaces!) So, for some weeks we worked on giving it a little bit of life back. Voilà!

Brenda Sarmiento Report

I Volunteer At A Thrift Store In Phoenix Arizona

 A few weeks ago this Purple Heart and other military awards were donated. Luckily there was a name inscribed on the back of the heart which was awarded in the 1950’s for service in Korea. After much research, I was able to contact the surviving family (via Facebook) and let them know that we found these military decorations. The 8 children did not know that their brave and gallant father had received these! So off the package goes to Florida to the family!

Teresa Ferrin Report

Since People Are Posting Their Giant Things Now, I'll Share My Giant Paintbrush That I, Uh... "Rescued" From A Storage Unit At My Local Mall

 It was used for their Easter Bunny photo set but they’ve since changed up their set decor and this was the only paintbrush not broken into two pieces. I’ve been keeping it up by my desk where I work for a bit of decoration, since I work for my city’s local Art Council. Venus Flytrap Plant for Scale.

Alex Richardson Report

My Home Is A Renovated Episcopal Church That Was Built In 1871

The 9 remaining stained glass windows are original to the structure. As it turns out, the windows are secondhand from a church from the east coast. They were saved when that church was torn down, and got repurposed when this one was built. They were created with small sections of stained glass and larger areas made with a screen printing technique. To the best of my knowledge, based on a historical society document, they date back to the revolutionary war era.

Shelby Helmbrecht Report

Everyone Else Is Sharing Their Uranium Glass So Here Is Mine!

I am a lamp worker (which means I melt and blow glass with a torch). About 10 years ago a woman stopped by my shop and gifted me her late Father’s old tools and very old glass glass rods. He was a lamp worker in the 1930s! This bundle of uranium glass stood out from the rest. It glows!! Even in natural light….it’s amazing!

Jill Balawender Reynolds Report

So..something Amazingly Crazy Just Happened. Stay With Me Here

I went to a estate sale this morning. I wasn’t going to go..but decided to. It was a great sale. Very organized with great stuff and good prices. One of the items I bought was a box of hundreds of all kinds of greeting cards..Valentines cards..letters..newspaper clippings and other cool paper items dating back to the 1920s. Things I love! I was going to not get it because I already had a pile of stuff. But knew that the treasures that were in the box were special and collectable (how little I knew then)..and for only $5..so I got the box. So I was sitting in my car looking at a few things. I see the plain white folded card. I unfold it and look and it’s a commencement program from Hurley Nursing program from 1934. I open it to see: My Grandmother Lois Case’s name inside!! Omg..what were that chances of that??? My Grandma Lois died at a young age..in her very early 30’s and my mom was only 3 years old at the time. My mom remembers very little of her mom. So we know little about her. Ironically about 15 years ago at another estate sale, I bought a scrapbook of old wedding cards. Inside was Hurley Nursing School News letters..the kind they do at the end of the school year. With antidotes and photos of the students. It contained photos of her and some writings from her. The fact this happened twice so randomly is pretty amazing! 

Lisa Hughes Report

I Saw This Really Cool Desk At Knoxville Wholesale Furniture Today

I love how it’s designed like a foyer, and the little stairs were even apholstered! Unfortunately it wouldn’t be functional for my needs, so it didn’t come home with me, but I still thought it was awesome! The little doors open on both sides, the books are little drawers, and the little glass door in the middle swings open too!

Jessie Leigh Report

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