54 Parents Share How Their Kids Casually Dropped Some Creepy Sentences That Sent Chills Down Their Spines

Before babies learn to talk in a real language like English, they babble and coo, playing with sound. That’s baby talk, something that sounds similar all over the world. But they get good fast.

Of course, it depends on the situation, but according to experts, most babies are able to say a few simple words such as “mama” and “dadda” around their first birthday. Even more, they know what they’re saying!
By the time they’re 3, babies expand their vocabulary rapidly, and “make-believe” play spurs an understanding of symbolic and abstract language like “now,” feelings like “sad,” and spatial concepts like “in.” They also learn how to scare the poo out of their parents.

When Dan Schreiber shared a particularly creepy thing his child told him, moms and dads quickly expanded his tweet into a strangely funny thread, full of lines and concepts you’d think exist only in horror movies. Here are some of the best!

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