The mind of a toddler is an absolutely fascinating thing that could easily pass as the 8th Wonder. For these adorable little humans, every day is a new adventure of exploring the world, finding out about new things, and trying to understand yourself while at the same time, attempting to make sense of all of it. And every once in a while, while they’re at it, our toddlers happen to accidentally come up with things that manage to crack up every single adult around them.

Recently, a Reddit user turnturnburn asked fellow members to share the best toddler complaints they’ve ever heard. And as always, the people of Reddit delivered. With that being said, Bored Panda invites you to sit back, relax, and read some of the funniest yet absolutely adorable stories about little kids complaining about the most random things. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite ones, and share your own stories down in the comment section!

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Demanded to know how to say “Hola in Spanish” would not accept that hola was already Spanish, cried for hours

mashroomium Report

My toddler got mad that her poop came out in two pieces instead of one. She accused my husband of cutting it while she wasn’t looking.

kylo_rens_mom Report

My daughter had a complete existential breakdown one day when she found out that she was going to have to pee every day of her life

DrunkUranus Report

5yo: “You’re old!”.

Me: “I’m not that old (with a slight tone of indignation). How old do you think I am?”.

5yo: “The last number.”

paraglenn Report

After a couple slices of pizza, 3 year old bursts into tears and says:

“My mouth wants more but my tummy doesn’t!”

Me too, kid. Me too.

gnbartels42 Report

IDK if this is too gross, but when my son was 3, he had a tummy bug and came to me crying that his “butt threw up”

lost40s Report

When my daughter was three, I told her to stop trying to draw on the dog with crayons. She threw the crayon on the floor, looked me dead in the eye and yelled, “Daddy, you’re ruining my life!”

natural_imbecility Report

Overheard at a grocery store: mom let her little boy pick out some ice cream. Kid chooses some sort of chocolate banana popsicle and mom says no. Kid starts crying. Mom says “I thought you didn’t like bananas.” Kid immediately stops crying, says “Oh yeah”, and picks something else.

fork_hands_mcmike Report

Toddler & I are in the truck for a 3-hour, mostly freeway trip. Toddler asks if she can have her window down. Begs. Says pretty please. Whines that she NEEDS the window down. Answer is no… we’re going 70 mph for the next few hours. Thus begins the wailing! She cries, and cries… and cries. The window’s not going down, I’m tuning her out, no problem, the music is on, I’m just driving and life is good.

After probably 45 minutes of this, she slows down, gulps a few times, and in a tremulous voice asks, “Mommy, why am I crying?”

I laughed so hard I nearly ran off the road. If you don’t remember, I’m not telling you, Kid.

Aphid61 Report

My 3yo had a meltdown because he wasn’t in our 5 year old wedding photos. He said we didn’t love him and that’s why we didn’t even invite him to our wedding.

pedantic_dullard Report

My daughter (about 5) threw a wadded up piece of paper at us and ran away. We opened it up and she had written, “can I have a snake?”. Wife yelled “no, you may not” and my daughter then came back almost in tears to ask why not. She said, “I ate all of my dinner so why can’t I have one?” Wife asked what that had to do with snakes at which point we realized she had misspelled “snack”. Also, my son put us in a sort of reverse “timeout” once when he got angry. This consisted of him going into his room and refusing to come out… leaving us in peace and quiet. He essentially played himself.

gaoshan Report

I was a restaurant server one night when a family came in. Normally, I’m not a fan of kids, but this one girl, like 5 or 6, broke the mold for me. There was a fire in her eyes, but she wasn’t unruly. Just… in the moment.

I walk up to the table after they finish a seafood platter, and I hear the parents loudly saying something they obviously want me to hear: “No, honey, they don’t let you take the lobster shells home.” I could feel invisible elbows jabbing me in the ribs with their glances. Before I open my mouth to back up their story, she huffs and says-

“Well, can I at least keep the eyeballs?!”

And then proceeds to hold up a fork with the lobsters eyes impaled on to the ends of the outside prongs, like a war chieftain with the head of an enemy.


CleverInnuendo Report

I watched a friend’s kid have a total breakdown because he wanted to have eaten ice cream. The thing was, he HAD ice cream. It was his dessert, and it was in a bowl in front of him. He could eat it. But the fact that he had to go through the mechanical motions of eating, to get the later point in time where he had had ice cream, was really just too much for him to bear.

Watching tiny humans grapple with cause and effect is fascinating.

shaidyn Report

We have a growth room in our lab with intense purple lightning where upon leaving everything looks green for 15-30 seconds. Once we were giving a tour to a class of 4th graders and showed them this phenomenon. Once it wore off one kid exclaimed “everything’s back to normal, I HATE normal!” We have that quote saved on the fridge

advcomrade Report

Now that I’ve been working at home (I have a desk set up in my bedroom) whenever I give my 3 year old grief he tells me to go back to work.

Northern_Way Report

My aunt and younger cousin were visiting us once. He was 3 years old at the time, and my neighbors had a 3 y/o as well. They were playing together in my backyard, when I hear my cousin scream “no, I’M 3! You CAN’T be 3, I’M THREE” while tackling the other child.

leiladobadoba Report

My kid hates it when I dance (which is understandable, as I’m very white)

He was about two, I was holding him, grooving along to something.

He looks me in the eye, and goes “Daddy no sing!”

“I’m not singing, I’m dancing!”

“Daddy don’t sing!”

“I’m not!”

Him, in tears: “Don’t sing with your feet!”

rockeh Report

When I was about 5 my parents gave me ice cream with chocolate sauce and I broke down crying. Took them a while to figure I was upset at the psycho sick bastard who’d put gravy on my ice cream. Eventually they convinced me to try some and I enjoyed it.

gopherit83 Report

My little sister, laying on her back, staring straight into the lamps: “My eyes hurt!”

“Then stop staring at the lamp.”


audriuska12 Report

I worked at a preschool from this October to December as an assistant teacher. We had a play room next to the classroom and one day we decided to go in there to play. In there was a shelf with a lot of dinosaurs to choose from. A child came up to me and said he wanted to play with the dinos. I said “okay”. This child just sat on the floor and looked like he was having the crisis of his life. Then began to cry and when I asked him what was wrong, he said “there’s too many dinosaurs to choose from”

boopingtacos Report

When my nephew was three or four, I found a cookie that he had stashed in a couch cushion. It was dry and gross and obviously had been there for a while. I immediately went and tossed it in the trash.

My nephew saw this happen and immediately burst into tears. Full-on snotting, hysterical tears. Through his sobs he managed to choke out the words, “you don’t throw away cookies.”

My husband and I use this saying often.

hey_sjay Report

My wife woke the kids up and told them it was Monday so they needed to get ready for school. “Don’t like Monday… Hate Monday… YOU’RE MONDAY! (Directed at wife)”

Edit: This was from a 4 year old.

straighttoplaid Report

My kids used to complain when I couldn’t change the weather.

“No, we can’t go to the park, it’s pouring.”

“Mom, just make it stop raining.”

Little kids really do think their parents can do anything, apparently.

DTownForever Report

I specifically remember the moment I realized I had to breathe for the rest of my life. I was suuuuuuper bummed. That’s how inherently lazy I am. I was somewhere around 3 or 4.

Historical-Regret Report

Asked if she could have one piece of candy, and I said yes. She then asked, “can we compromise?” and I replied that we didn’t need to compromise because she was already getting exactly what she wanted. Child proceeds to throw a tantrum until I agree that we can compromise. She eats her candy and leaves happily

qatest Report

When my little sister was a toddler she screamed she couldn’t go to sleep because her pajamas were “too spicy”

gentlybeepingheart Report

My boy cried when, after stuffing his sandwich in the VHS recorder (early 90s), there was no movie about sandwiches.

Fluffyfluffycake Report

My 6 year old yelled “I’m too tired to go to sleep!”, in a fit of delirium and rage.

theroutesetters Report

I once asked a one year old to share her snack with me (common psych experiment, you give them the snacks first). Instead of using the prop, she walked across the lab to her mom and started to pull her moms shirt down to share her boob.

CircusSloth3 Report

My daughter once said ‘I don’t like it when you talk’.


User1539 Report

The 3-year-old found a mitten on the ground and put it on. He asked where the other one was and I said I didn’t know. He looked down and said, like it was a unique problem, “But I have TWO hands!”

michaelchondria Report

My 4 year old brother told me “My water is too soupy” I still haven’t quite figured it out.

deleted account Report

A kid asked for an envelope. So I gave her one. She started screaming and crying “I want an envelope!!!” She meant cantaloupe.

OhioMegi Report

My dad always reminded me of when I was very little, I use to complain that I didn’t like the ‘Pizza Bone’ (crust). I would also refuse to eat ‘corn with the bone’ (corn on the cob).

I like both of them now! I wish I knew what I was thinking back then.

GiraffeLeopard Report

My niece recently was upset about being served food in the little bowl, and not the big bowl. When her food was the moved from the little bowl to a big bowl for her, she had a melt down. After a fair amount of crying she was able to explain she didn’t want the food from the little bowl placed into the big bowl.

I suppose once in the little bowl the food was forever tainted.

tristanjones Report

Pointing to my boobs, crying, and asking why I can’t feed him. Because I’m your BABYSITTER and I’m 15!

EDIT- he didn’t say “why can’t you feed me” but he was using his word for “food” and refused his bottle.

purplesky23 Report

Cousin’s 3yo: (offers a Goldfish to my BIL) BIL: No, thank you! 3: (offers another Goldfish) BIL: No, no thank you! 3: (offers another Goldfish) BIL: No thank you, buddy! 3: GRANDMA, [BIL] WON’T SHARE!

Sharing is mandatory in both directions, I guess.

tinypiecesofyarn Report

My 2 year old puts her hand in front of the dog’s mouth and cries when he licks her.

bwatching Report

My youngest got upset that the sun was setting and demanded his father make it rise back up in the sky.

MNConcerto Report

My daughter asked for strawberry ice cream from the grocery store when she was about 4. I bought it for her and when we got home and she had some after dinner, she started crying. I asked why and she said, “I wanted strawberry ice cream without bones!” She didn’t like the hard frozen pieces of strawberry in the ice cream that she picked out. I thought the idea of “ice cream bones” was funny.

DukeOfDouchebury Report

The place settings were fork, spoon, knife on a napkin for a holiday dinner. We started with soup. My 3 yr old cried because she thought she had to eat her soup with a fork because it was first in line.

JanuarySoCold Report

When my niece was 3, her favorite website was I was over at my brother’s house one day and she asked me to “turn on” so she could play on it. The site was taking a bit of time to upload so I decided to take a quick look at my email messages until it was finished. My niece looked at the Gmail account I was on and said, “Auntie, I said Barbie dot com, not check my email dot com.”

hollyhockpink Report

Lol my little brother (when he was 4yo) liked ice-cream so much so that whenever he got one he’d be so delighted to eat it but when he’d be about to finish it he’d begin sobbing that he didn’t want to finish it as he’d have none left then!

Need_fur_speed Report

My 2-year-old broke down because it was dinnertime, not lunchtime.

Bonus: she crawled into my bed at 4 am Christmas morning, crying that she wanted to color and I needed to get her a pen, then fell asleep on my face.

Zalikiya Report

My daughter wanted to drink pure lemon juice and threw a fit when she was denied.

I caved on the premise of natural consequences. One sip and she vomited. She never bugged us about it again.

elizabeth498 Report

My 4 year old son had a full blown, hour long meltdown because his 6 year old sister was older than him.

sockhead99 Report

3 year old Tyler says”Uncle Tony, shave your whiskers!” I say “All of it?” He says “No, only the white ones”.

kai-ote Report

“it’s the wrong same!” took weeks to figure out he was referring to the apricot and peach yogurts.

Grabagear Report

Wanting to put a diaper on for bed, not wanting to take the underwear off to put the diaper on.

Idreamnolonger Report

My 4 year old is super into the following exchange:

4 yr old: I don’t want X!!!

Me: Okay. Don’t have X.

4 yr old: BUT I WANT X.

This morning the 6 year old woke up and said to them, “C’mon! We’re gonna Kung Fu!”

“I don’t wanna Kung Fu!”

“Okay, we’ll—“

“NOOO! I wanna Kung Fu!”

TomorrowWriting Report

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