62 Of The Most Savage Self-Inflicted Insults Ever

“When you are the first to laugh at yourself, everyone else laughs with you, not at you.”

There’s a subreddit called r/SuicideByWords and its 674K members are sharing photos of the best (worst?) self-inflicted insults they can find on the internet.


This Is The Best Self Inflicted Insult

Random-Barbarian Report

TmKhr 22 minutes ago

Hilarious 😀 it’s great you’re having a good time


You Brought This Upon Yourself, Elon

You Brought This Upon Yourself, Elon

mchgndr Report

TmKhr 21 minutes ago

Well that comment didn’t age properly


Flat Earthers Don’t Make Any Sense Tbh

Flat Earthers Don't Make Any Sense Tbh

WTF_God_ Report

PurpleDoople 19 minutes ago

there’s no curve yes, but there’s a horizon… that photo literally debunks their whole argument

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