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Whoa! What a week it has been! Art Crawl wrapped up on Friday, a veritable artistic cornucopia that saw 5,000 submissions, each beautiful and unique in their own way. We wanted to start this off by thanking everyone who participated in the Art Crawl event; you made Imgur awash with your creations, your stories, and your own artistic flair. We hope you all enjoy your shiny trophies and continue to share your artworks in the future.

Our judges truly had their work cut out for them! From those 5,000 submissions, they could only pick three, each of whom would receive an Imgur t-shirt, a month of Imgur Emerald, and a $100 donation to a charity of their choice, plus the coveted ‘Lucky Winner’ trophy.

On the submissions, our judges had this to say:

@4amShower: “Just one right? Gosh there are so many talented people!”
@roxisasewingmachine: “I didn’t realize it would be this nerve-wracking! There are so many good ones! I’ve narrowed it down to 26.”
ArtSparkle: “I’m sad art crawl is ending, but I love it!”

Before we jump into the winner’s circle, let’s check out a few of our judge’s favorites from the week.


Our first Judge’s Choice comes from ArtSparkle, who chose an entry-by-proxy from Imgurian @Bgo0d, on behalf of their father. These astounding portraits, by way of a doting Imgurian son, rocketed to Most Viral, and have not only graced the Imgur Gallery, but are rightfully displayed in real galleries too!

The beautiful macro composition, the emotion, and the incredible gestures in the details were what drew our judges to this particular entry, with five-foot canvases showing every inch of portraiture detail. A very worthy winner to lead our pack!


Next, we switch gears from the classical to the uncommon, with our Judge’s Choice from @roxisasewingmachine, who fell head over heels for this unusual artistic method. Harnessing nothing more than sunshine, @russelscottart creates incredibly intricate and detailed wood burnings. With a magnifying glass in hand, @russelscottart has made a dazzling array of beautiful designs, each solar scorched and carefully etched using a variety of different magnifying glasses.

We hope for clear skies and sunny weather to enjoy more of these masterpieces!


Our final Judge’s Choice comes from @4amShower, who got fired up for these beautiful handmade pottery pieces from @hairypotterforreal, a supremely talented potter from Germany. These delicately glazed, individually unique, and beautifully mottled pieces of clayware just scream out for a warm cup of tea on a rainy day. Our judges particularly loved the tiniest details from piece to piece, the gentle color gradient, and the speckles that made each one special.

We raise a cup to @hairypotterforreal for this superb entry. Kiln’ it!


Last, but certainly not least, our Community Choice — this was chosen by you, the Imgur Community, by the power of your upvotes! With the sheer volume of entries, there were many posts in contention throughout the week of Art Crawl, but ultimately one amazing post took the top spot.

Embodying Art Crawl, and the very best of Original Content on Imgur, @Smoretank shared their story, their artwork, and their struggles along the way in their submission. Featuring adorable monsters, spooky caves, and a platypus in a hat, @Smoretank shared the impact that returning to art after seven years has had on their life, after giving up drawing in the face of routine. With 6,800 upvotes, it’s safe to assume that the community is glad to see their return!

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the 2021 Imgur Art Crawl, we were blown away by your diversity, creativity, and flair. A special thanks to our judges for taking the time, and the impossible task, to pick our winners. If you’d like to catch up, check out the tag here!

Art Crawl will return in 2022.

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