Become a FAST Big Guy in BJJ by Rolling This Way

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Are you a big guy training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu? If so, how do you roll with smaller training partners during your BJJ practices?

In my experience one of the best ways for big guys to roll with their smaller training partners is to do so with as much finesse and speed as possible.

The reason?

Because every big guy is strong, right? But not every big guy is fast. So by adapting your style and attempting to move at a smaller person’s pace. You in turn train your body to be quicker. I mean who doesn’t want to become a fast big guy?

One of the comments I get consistently when I roll in jiu jitsu with people is that I move really quickly for a big guy. This was not by accident or because I’m naturally a fast person. Instead, it’s something I’ve developed over the years when training with my smaller training partners.

I’ve talked about it before. But back in 2009-2010 I went on a journey to create more movement and develop more speed into my game. When I watched Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competitions I noticed that I was attracted to the people that had very good movement.

I also noticed that in many cases. The person that stops moving usually loses the match.

So in order to boost my ability to move in BJJ. I started training with my smaller training partners in a much more speed and finesse oriented fashion. There is far more scrambles and constant adjusting. Which is tiring for a big guy at first, but gets easier overtime.

This encouraged my smaller training partners to roll more with me because I wasn’t trying to smash their head off every time. And the benefit for me was that I learned to be faster and more fluid in Brazilian Jiu jitsu.

And I still have the option of turning the strength on and being heavy if I need it.

So if you’re a big guy and you train with smaller guys often. Try rolling with them in the way I talk about in the video and see how it helps you.

I hope the video helps!


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