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Some people just have a little bit more to love than everyone else, and that’s okay. That doesn’t mean that the need to carry for your own protection is somehow diminished, but it can change how best to do so. Alien Gear Holsters has seen a lot when it comes to concealed carry, so we’re here to show you where to start if you’re carrying a few extra but want to still carry.

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Placement is key when it comes to concealment. Where you place the pistol and holster determines how it sits on you and therefore, how easy it will be to conceal. What you’re looking for is a spot on the body that will let the gun sit as flat against you as possible. That keeps the gun from sticking out and imprinting.

This is actually true for people of all shapes and sizes. Skinnier people tend to keep their holster either in the front of the waistband or practically in the small of their back to effectively conceal. Some guys with a bit more of a belly may have to bring the gun a little further forward.

Though in the industry, we call it a “tactical muffin top.”

The type of concealed carry holster you use matters as well. Some people find appendix carry is definitely feasible for them, others do not. This includes bigger guys and gals as well. You’ll need to experiment with the carry holster you have to find the placement and holster style that carries the most comfortable and conceals most easily for you.

You might find that OWB holsters are most comfortable. So long as you carry a pistol that you can conceal well while carrying in that position, then that’s a fine option. OWB concealed carry can be easier than you think, if you have the right gun and gear to do it with.

Shoulder holsters tend to either work or not for most people, with very little finding middle ground. It’s either for you or its not, which you’ll find out fairly quickly. What some tend to notice is that if your shoulders are noticeably wider than your waist, a shoulder holster will probably work a little better for you. But as with anything, your mileage may vary!

So really…it’s not much different from concealed carrying for anyone else. What you’ll find is that it all comes down to how your gear works with your body. A lot of finding these things out will be down to you having to figure it out for yourself. You’ll find something will work for you that may not work for someone else.

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