Celebrating 12 Years of Imgur

Close your eyes. Now open them so you can read this post. It’s 2009, and you’re in your bedroom. The Jersey Shore premiere airs tonight, and you’re not telling anyone you’re going to watch it. You remember that you still have no idea what’s going on in Lost. You turn on the top song in America, Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas, and the perfect “I’mma let you finish” Kanye West meme pops into your head. You sit down at your desktop computer and poke your crush on Facebook, then you make your meme. Next you upload your meme to this brand new image sharing website called Imgur. A warm, cozy feeling surrounds you, like you’ve just found your Internet home. Life is good.

Now open your eyes again. Wait, were they closed or open before? Just keep your eyes as they were, and we’re back in the present, 12 years later. It’s 2021 and well…things are things. The important part of this journey is that Imgur is still here, it’s your favorite app, and this week we’re celebrating our 12th birthday.

In the past twelve years, Imgur has evolved from a small group of image sharers to a vibrant force of millions of people sharing, commenting, laughing and connecting together as one universal community. It’s a special slice of Internet where magical, wonderful, weird, and wild things happen every day, and you helped make it this way. From the most humble beginnings in an Ohio living room grew the Internet’s best place for genuine, community-powered entertainment, and there are no words to describe how very proud we are of how far Imgur has come with this community at our side.

That’s why this week we’re gonna party (separately and in our own homes) like it’s 2009. There will be cake. There will be confetti. In fact, there will be a cake-shaped button that deploys confetti on your screen at will, and it’s yours to enjoy all week. More taps = more confetti, so go hog wild.

There will also be goodie bags! In the form of trophies, of course. As is customary during Imgur’s birthday week, you are implored to rediscover the 12th post you ever favorited and reshare it with the tag #imgur12. Don’t want to share a favorite? Share your best dance GIF, your favorite memory, a cake you made, or something completely different. It’s your party and you can do what you want to. Just tag it #imgur12 and you’ll earn that trophy for your profile.

Thank you for 12 incredible years. We love you.

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