Experienced Employee Gets Sweet Revenge On The New Company Owners For Reducing Vacation Time By Half

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Working in a company for many years, decades even, can be a great thing: you know everyone and everything. You’re an expert in the job that you have, you have respect from others and most probably are satisfied with the pay, working hours, and other things that go into the contract.

So if those things are changed, for example, when the company is sold, it can really be a deal breaker, especially if those changes have to do with vacation days. Reddit user Rusticwhiskey shared a story of how an employee that had worked for the company for four decades got his revenge for reducing his vacation days.

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A person that has worked for a company that gave generous amounts of vacation time shared how their coworker got revenge when the new owners reduced his time off

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A person on Reddit under the nickname Rusticwhiskey shared a story of his coworker in the subreddit MaliciousCompliance. He titled his post “Get rid of my vacation? Have fun replacing me” and more than 61k people upvoted it.

The narrator begins his story by saying that he worked at a company that, in comparison, was generous with the vacation time they allowed. And especially people who had worked there for a really long time were valued and awarded 10 weeks of time off in total.

The company owner sold his business and the new owners started changing everything

One of those people who had worked for a really long time was Jimmy. He was a loyal employee for the company for 43 years and the 10-week vacation was a norm to him.

But like all good things, this policy didn’t last forever. The company owner was ready to retire and sold his corporation. He promised that there wouldn’t be any big changes, but the new owners proved him wrong.

The first thing they did was reduce the maximum vacation time to 4 weeks

They also fired a bunch of people, including Jimmy’s backup

Jimmy was mad and instead of coming to train his new backup, took 10 weeks off

The new owners started by changing the vacation policy. Now everyone would get maximum 4 weeks and if someone had more that they hadn’t used up, they had to do it before the end of the year.

They also fired a bunch of people, including Jimmy’s backup. Jimmy and his backup were the only two people who knew how to make a specific part and now Jimmy was left alone. But the new owners quickly found a trainee who he was supposed to train. However, Jimmy decided he wanted a vacation and took his 10 weeks off.

Three days after his vacation ended, he was nowhere to be seen and then called to say he quit

During those weeks, Jimmy wasn’t on an exotic island enjoying the sun and sea. He was searching for a new job and managed not only to find one, but had already started it.

He wasn’t planning to come back and train the new employee. He was really mad and didn’t care how the company would function without him. And he called to announce he’d resigned only three days after his vacation was over.

At the end, reducing vacation time cost the company a considerable amount of money

Image credits: Rusticwhiskey

The company then had to contact the previous owner to ask him to teach new workers how to produce the parts that only the fired person and Jimmy knew how to make.

The previous owner was not happy about how the people to whom he sold his company were managing things. And he charged a lot of money for teaching new workers to produce the parts. He probably wanted to teach them a lesson, as the other option was to close down, so they had to pay.

People in the comments were on Jimmy’s side, saying that he had a right to act like this after being mistreated. What do you think of this story? Let us know in the comments!

People seem to agree that Jimmy was right to teach the new owners a lesson

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