Frustrated Owners Share Stories About How Hard It Is To Catch A Dog Once It Runs Away (30 Pics)

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If you have a dog, you know what it means to chase after them in the streets while your heart is skipping beats like it was an R&B song. Sometimes, all it takes to unleash your dog’s hyperactive double is a lone duck by the pond, sometimes it’s the neighbor dog, but most often, it’s your dog playing the game of their life. That game is called “catch me if you can.”

So when Brian, who goes by the Twitter handle @itsbriancuh, tweeted: “eff a break up, have y’all ever had to chase your dog down the street and they’re thinking it’s a game,” the tweet blew up on social media with 969.8k likes and 156k retweets, and it seemed that dog owners have totally found a safe space to talk about hard things.

Let’s see some of the best tweets about what it is like to chase those clueless and totally reckless four-legged creatures who care about nothing but trolling you. So get your sneakers ready, someone’s gonna run far and scream hard, and it’s not gonna be me, since I’m not yet a dog owner.

Image credits: itsbriancuh

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