Jimmy Fallon Asks People To Share The Worst Wedding Fails They’ve Encountered, They Deliver 80 Funny Responses (New Pics)

Jimmy Fallon, the legendary host of The Tonight Show, keeps us laughing even when we’re feeling blue. This time, Jimmy asked his adoring fans to share the most spectacular and hilarious wedding fails, seeing as wedding season’s roaring with full force. And we’ve got to tell ya, having read through these, no tiny mishaps at weddings will ever scare us again!

Scroll down, upvote the best #WeddingFail tales, and if you’re feeling up to it, share your own funny stories in the comment section.

While we’d all love to have the ‘perfect’ wedding, expecting absolutely everything to go swimmingly during your happy day is simply unattainable. Anna and Sarah from the Wedding Society told Bored Panda that having a ‘perfect’ wedding is impossible and that we should instead embrace the fact that mistakes (big and small) will pop up during the big day in one form or another. And we’ll be much happier if we simply let go of our desire for perfection and realize that our wedding isn’t a movie.

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