Matt LeBlanc Becomes A Meme After His Photo From The Friends Reunion Goes Viral (55 Pics)

Millions of viewers across the world tuned in to the Friends reunion last week. The HBO Max special aired 17 years after its final episode, bringing the sitcom aficionados back to the screens.

For everyone’s amusement, the six beloved stars got back together one more time, but it was Joey Tribbiani, played by 53-year-old Matt LeBlanc, that stole the spotlight. His grey hair, casual striped shirt, laid-back pose, and “how you gettin’ on?” sort of facial expression have won the hearts of the internet as people dubbed him “an Irish uncle with a heart of gold.”

The comparison instantly hit Twitter users, where Matt became a meme embodying all the awesome uncles, great uncles, ubiquitous uncles, probably Irish but not exclusively, that every family deserves to have one of in their circle.

Image credits: spochadoir

Image credits: noclarity74

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