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Howdy, Imgurians! It’s certainly not hype-rbole when we say that yesterday was a wild ride. From top tapping techniques to furious feats of hype, you went all in as we supercharged the humble upvote to new heights through the power of Hype Voting! Did we say hype enough?

Ultimately, it proved too much hype to handle, and sometime around midnight on April 2, the Hypevoteilizer got so P U M P E D it exploded. RIP. All we’re left with are good memories, a lingering odor of swolness, and a strange blue apathy arrow.

Through the power of your taptaptaptaptapping we amassed 63,083,683 upvotes, representing a whole month’s worth of upvotes in a single day!

Some of you went over the top (seriously, are your fingers made of robots?) and took the spirit of the hype vote to heart. We salute you, top tappers of yesterday, and recognize your contribution to the hype.

Top Tappers

@GhostTater – 26,330
@burntOutDev – 26,072
@joshcrimson – 19,952
@potatoardvarkhybrid – 9,210
@SassyBrenda – 7,528

Most Hype Voted Posts by @SoSmartOrOhSoPleasant with 1,336,958 upvotes by @potentiallyunsafe with 1,079,472 upvotes by @zexurge with 694,281 upvotes by @Gsusluvshockey with 635,732 upvotes by @UncleGumbald with 542,888 upvotes


Not content with inflicting hype on just one solar system, we also promised to name a star after 15 million upvotes, which you all achieved like…so fast. Within 10 hours, we blasted off to boldly go where no hype vote has gone before, and christen a star in true Imgur fashion.

During the festivities yesterday, we asked you to suggest some of your ideas, and we’ve collected the most popular into a handy-dandy survey to help us decide on a name for this celestial body of hype. Click here to vote for your favorite name, and we’ll announce the winner next week.


Just fourteen hours into Hypefest 2021 and with a mind-blowing 25 million upvotes, Imgurians summoned the Arch Duke of Apathy, the Inquisitor of Indifference, The Bard of Boredom: The Meh Vote.

This blue arrow of total disinterest first made an appearance on Imgur back in 2019 for those posts that you don’t hate, but you don’t love. The Meh Vote doesn’t add any points to a post, but it doesn’t take any away either. +0. It’s a score. An internet shrug. A mark of total whelmedness.

For the next seven days, you can nestle in your nihilism. Go ahead and take the Meh Vote for a spin. Or don’t. We don’t express strong feelings one way or the other.

A scientific approach to hypervoting

(Illegal hype device, by @HappyMonocyte)

Okay, we’re off to give our tapping fingers a rest. Thanks to everyone who took part in the madness. The Hype Vote has been dragged screaming into the void, but will live on in our (suitably hyped) hearts.

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