Silver Sparrow® – Official Website

Silver Sparrow® – Official Website
Silver Sparrow® – Official Website

Product Name: Silver Sparrow® – Official Website

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For some, CBD seems to be the holy grail… But for most, it falls well short of
the results they want..

“Is something just wrong with me?” you think to yourself..

The truth is.. No, there’s a really simple reason why CBD doesn’t work for most
people who
try it.. And you’ll learn why in just a moment…

But more importantly than that, it’s been revealed to us why the promise of CBD
have to be a fairytale after all…

In fact, it actually can be life changing.. if you know this one…

See… The CBD industry has a relatively unknown piece of information
that I
don’t think they want you to know about..

But today, in an exclusive sit-down with a CBD industry insider…

That key piece of knowledge is finally being

My name is Mark Phillips and I have something that I feel the public
deserves to
know about and I’m ready to get it off my chest..

To give you some insight, I’ve spent years helping generate millions of dollars
countless CBD brands by manufacturing their finished products and becoming an expert in all things

A chance encounter with a fascinating scientist then humbled my perspective and
everything I thought I knew..

See the truth is.. The CBD industry has a key piece of information that I don’t
think they
want you to know about.. And now that I know this truth, I can’t keep it to myself anymore..

More importantly, I also need to tell you what I learned from this world-renowned
scientist, and why he and other specialists are saying a “New type of CBD” is so significant…

And after chatting with him and finding this out .. It led to us throwing away
half a
million dollars of CBD that we had sitting on our shelves…

I know.. yeah.. that sounds crazy.. but the reason why we did it is even more
shocking and
once you hear me out I’m sure you’ll agree…

You see.. we were one of the first manufacturing companies to start working with
CBD when
it first entered the scene back around 2015…

And over the next few years we became known as one of the largest and most
manufacturers of CBD products in the U.S…

We traveled all over the country, year after year, attending all sorts of expos,
conferences, events, and business meetings..

We came to know a lot of big names in this booming CBD industry…

Being a big time manufacturer of CBD products, we were positioned right between
the CBD
suppliers and the CBD brand owners…

So we knew every single trend before they ever hit the market…

Every advancement that was being made in the industry, we had access to..

Look, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get caught up in the excitement and hype of
it all…

I mean, it was like a gold rush… and we were right in the middle of it all…

You see, time and time again, we showed all these other people how to
launch, and grow their CBD product lines…

We eventually realized that we could easily start our own brand…
so we

And for a while, we continued to manufacture products for a lot of other CBD

But here’s what’s disturbing…

We would always hear the owners of those CBD brands say how their products were
than all the others..

But the truth was that they were all the same…

We knew this because we were the ones making the products!

So even through all this success, something never sat quite right with me…

I mean, here we were… selling all this CBD, everybody and their grandma seemed
to want

But I never quite understood why…

Because it just never seemed to really do anything for me…

Even when I took higher doses like people would recommend..

I started thinking.. “Well, maybe it’s just me..”

I wrote it off to the idea that maybe I was already “healthy enough”.. That maybe
I didn’t
have significant enough issues to notice any benefit from CBD…

But I came back to this same thought..

“Why don’t most people feel anything from CBD?

I mean, we already know this plant has extremely unique abilities…
and comes
with such a rich history… and a legendary list of promises… “

It just didn’t make any sense, I don’t know, I really don’t..

But my curiosity eventually paid off…

So back in late 2020, we were at a CBD tradeshow and my business partner spoke with an
investor who
had given him a business card and said “you need to talk to this guy”

And that guy ended up being a world class scientist that was into some pretty advanced
methods of
increasing the effectiveness of natural ingredients..

This guy had been formulating nutraceuticals

Years of working with dietary supplements!

Different products formulated!

Years of studying scientific advancements in supplements in Japan!

Dr. Tracy was his name, and his credentials were easily the most impressive I
had ever
come across, and I had met a lot of experts and scientists in the industry already…

So after speaking with him the first time, it was pretty apparent that he believed him and
his team
had discovered something very significant with CBD and had found a way to make it much more

So we were obviously super intrigued by this and we ended up traveling out there to meet
with him
to understand this better and discuss the possibilities surrounding it..

And when we did, he made it very clear that we had to understand something else
about the
hemp plant first.. before we could understand why this recent discovery even matters…

CBD and the other molecules from the hemp plant are unlike anything else
seen before…

They happen to be almost identical to super rare molecules produced by our
ones that fuel a complex system that’s related to proper functioning of our immune and nervous
and it’s called the “endo-cannabinoid system”.

And that these “phyto-cannabinoids” from the hemp plant fit precisely into
receptors throughout our entire body… just like keys into locks…

And when this takes place, the mind and body now have the ability to maintain
perfect balance.. And when that happens, the possibilities and potential are truly endless..

Now I knew a fair amount about how CBD worked and why it was so unique before ever
meeting Dr. Tracy…

But hearing it explained like this made me look at this plant a lot differently..

It’s almost like maybe it was made for us.. Like the hemp plant was designed somehow
specifically to help us keep this “cannabinoid” system within us topped off and operating in peak

See.. CBD is short for ‘canna-bid-iol’, and is a “canna-bin-oid”..
It’s one of the most abundant “cannabinoids” in the hemp plant, and that’s why people know about

But there’s actually over 100 different versions of these special molecules
“cannabinoids” that exist in the hemp plant…

So when CBD first got popular..

People were using raw extract, containing all the cannabinoids, made from
squeezing hemp flower…

Similar to how olive oil is extracted from olives…

And this raw extract contained ALL of the cannabinoids, all 100 plus of these

But as people found out that CBD had so much potential, the demand increased..

And new ways to increase the production and drive down cost were rolled out…

And then almost every company selling these hemp extracts figured out how to
the CBD away from the rest of the cannabinoids..

They did this for a few reasons.. Mostly because it meant they could produce
this new
pure CBD known as “CBD Isolate” more efficiently, quicker, and less expensive…

Plus, they now wouldn’t have to worry about the legalities of it having any
THC in

On top of all that, it was also much easier to formulate products with…

And after all… “CBD” was the phrase that all the buzz was around, it’s what
all the
demand was for…

So as good as everyone thought this was, ourselves included…

I learned from Dr. Tracy in that first conversation that there is a very big downside

These cannabinoids are different from other plant molecules…

Not only do they specifically have their own unique characteristics and

But they’re much, much more powerful when they’re still combined with

Now as enlightening as this all was, it was kind of sobering for us as well..

Because all of our products for our brand..

That were already made… from CBD isolate..

He of course was right though, and as much that hurt to hear…

But it was something else we spoke about that day that would change everything for

He went on to tell me that he had spent the last 8 years studying
some sort of
advancement he referred to as “nano-technology”…

Something he said would completely “change the way we view CBD forever”..

I was all ears at this point..

He said he wanted to learn this new technology from the best so he looked for the
experts to study under..

But what he found was that nobody in the supplements world was even working with
this type
of technology…

But he eventually ended up finding a few scientists that were already using it in
pharmaceutical world..

And that was Dr. Robert Nicolosi, a researcher
at MIT with over 250 published white papers on nanotechnology…

Along with his research partner, Dr. Srikanth Kakumanu, who happened to be one of
the only other widely published experts on this rare technology..

I was now more intrigued than ever.. what could this nanotechnology do for CBD..?

“If done correctly, nanotechnology has the power to shrink the particle size of CBD
and the
other cannabinoids1 to over 70x smaller than a single red blood cell2…”

“This all sounds amazing and everything, but how exactly does this make CBD work

By reducing the size of the particles of an ingredient..

You can significantly increase how much the body would absorb it3..

CBD, for example, is only somewhere between 6 and 8% bioavailable..

Meaning that up to 94% of it doesn’t get absorbed and used by the body…

My stomach sank… you know the feeling I’m talking about..

I wanted to interrupt him to make sure I heard that right, but I let him continue..

These CBD particles tend to be too big to be absorbed by the body until they
broken down in the digestive system…

And that’s where most of it gets destroyed, before the body can even use it…

We’ve done some initial trials here in the lab and we finally have a version…

That has now been stable for 3 weeks…

I finally did interrupted him..

Wait, so what do you mean by “stable”?

Well using the right equipment anyone can create a nano particle…

But because of the ionic charge in those molecules, they tend to want to
together again..

And in a matter of minutes or a few hours, the product simply isn’t nano

…You must have the right compound, with the right
solutions, with
the right stabilizers..

The formula is 80% of creating a nano-particle and the machinery is the remaining

Ok I was understanding now..

This was starting to get good…

So what makes this version 71A that you were able to get stable so special?

Does it double or triple the absorption rate or something?

The analogy he used made it so easy to understand…

Well imagine it like this.. normal CBD particles would
be like
trying to throw a basketball through a chain-link fence… it simply will not go through.

But, nano-particles is like throwing sand through the fence, it
through effortlessly…

I had to stop for a second… I was amazed…

I want to make sure I heard you right…

That sounds almost too good to be true..

Wait a second, is this why I’ve never felt anything from taking CBD?

Unfortunately yes it is… but we’ve now figured out how to reach its full

Why doesn’t everybody know this already?

Well, plenty of people know of its low absorption rate… people who study it at

If people take enough, it does work…

It would just need to be a whole bottle at a time to be effective since most
of it
isn’t used by the body…

And that would get quite expensive and be pretty hard on the

This is why people have traditionally smoked hemp, it makes cannabinoids 45%
and very effective…

It all was starting to make sense now…

Why isn’t everyone using this “nanotechnology” for CBD then? I mean, is there
anyone else
out there doing this?

There’s a few others claiming that their products are nano…

Only a few individuals on planet earth have studied this
and how it actually works…

And none of those scientists were in the nutraceutical industry…

On top of that, it requires a blue-light scattering testing machine to test
the size
of these particles..

And those are quite expensive and not widely available..

So these other companies are not even able to test the particle size of their

Which means, they themselves do not even know if their products are in

But we do have this special equipment to ensure our formulas are truly nano, and
allows us to be confident that our formulas are remaining stable as nanoparticles..

This was all very overwhelming and enlightening at the same time…

And I had to learn more… we needed to pursue this..

I mean, can you imagine if all the promises surrounding CBD could
actually be

Imagine feeling good around the clock…

Waking up refreshed with boundless energy…

Moving like water with no more stiffness or tension…

A clear, vibrant, all-day focus…

And a body that functions better than you always wished it had…

Up until this point in my career, I thought I knew it all…

And as exciting as this all was…

It almost felt like we had been stealing from people in need… taking advantage of
willingness to try this highly talked about ingredient in hopes of having a higher quality of life…

But what were we going to do?..

I mean.. Everybody else was selling these same products… so we weren’t the bad

After what we had learned from Dr. Tracy, my business partner and I certainly had
a lot to
think about…

We eventually agreed that neither one of us wanted this on our conscience..

So we agreed to bet on the idea that if we did what was right… this problem would
care of itself…

I still don’t like thinking about it.. But we knew what needed to be done..

So since we already decided to take this HUGE financial setback by doing the right

We figured.. Well, let’s take every precaution possible to ensure our next product
will be
the absolute best product that we could bring to the people who needed it…

So we set out to create the greatest CBD product of all time…

The one thing we already knew that would make the product superior was to find a
that was still producing a hemp extract that wasn’t only pure CBD…

What we found was even better..

One of our industry contacts had figured out a new method of producing an
that has all of the cannabinoids in it, except with only the THC removed…

So we had Dr. Tracy make a few dozen samples using this new hemp extract..

And the feedback we received was better than I could have ever expected..

“I’m waking up refreshed for the first time in a really long time..”

-Anna Kowalcyzk (39), Albany, NY

“I feel like my body is more agile now and has definitely loosened up.”

-Denise Hayburn (62), Fort Worth, TX

And even a gentleman in his 20’s tell me that

“I finally feel ambitious and want to meet more people and experience new

-Kaden Winters (25), Redmond, WA

So at this point I began to really think about how this product could be
such a wide range of people..

Now I knew from my time in the industry that one of the main reasons people turned
to CBD
was to help them reduce discomfort..

I looked into this and found that 60% to 80% of primary care visits are
related to

I wanted to run this by Dr. Tracy and see what he thought..

You know, I never thought about that.. But it does make perfect sense..

There’s actually certain cannabinoids that are extremely effective at
combating discomfort..

And a select few of them also happen to work synergistically with CBD to
multiply their effectiveness…

So once again, we had more samples made…

Tell me the good news Doc..

It was like music to my ears…

All the weight on my shoulders from our half million dollar setback seemed to

We had something very special.. and I knew we were going to be able to help so

I had him overnight the sample bottles to us and they arrived the next day, and I
wait to give it a try..

I opened the box, put a squeeze of it in my mouth, and then swallowed it…

I thought to myself…”What was this truly capable of?”

20 minutes went by.. and I had gone to send a few emails.. when all of the sudden
I felt

The tension in my neck and shoulders was gone..

I stood up to check my achy lower back… it felt more limber than it had in

The words on the screen seemed crystal clear..

My mind felt crisp and I had an unexplainably smooth focus..

And these are just the things I vividly remember..

My business partner tried it and was just as amazed as I was…

For both of us, this was unlike any CBD or any other product we had ever tried

We spent the next week working around the clock with our design team to completely
all of our branding and packaging to get ready to launch what we felt was the best product we had

Any doubt I had about throwing out the half million dollars of inventory was

Version 77A, the most effective product I had ever seen.. Was finally ready to
changing lives…

And this is why I’m so excited to introduce to

The only product on the market that
patented nanotechnology AND broad spectrum CBD

So after what you’ve learned today… I think you would agree that we’ve created a
unique solution…

The majority of other CBD products on the market are overpriced, ineffective,
and can even be hard on the liver…

Now, while there are a few other brands out there claiming to be nano…

They lack the expertise, experience, and proper testing equipment to ensure
producing it correctly…

But let’s just pretend that they were truly nano…

Well, the average CBD product still typically only contains one cannabinoid (CBD)…

And the majority of these products DO NOT include any of the key additional

If we had stopped right here..

This would have been an amazing product..

But thankfully for you and many others…

We then take this entire blend of natural ingredients..

Utilize our patented nanotechnology..

And transform them into particles that are up to
than a single red blood cell..

Creating the most advanced, most effective CBD product that
ever seen..

And if all those reasons alone weren’t enough…

You should also know that Phytocet is manufactured in an GMP compliant
facility right here in the United states..

By scientists that are trained experts in these exclusive patented nanotechnology
methods and procedures…

Using rare equipment that few possess…

Meaning that every single drop of Phytocet has maximum effectiveness..

And is made safely to the highest of standards..

Each batch of Phytocet is then sent off to an independent third
party laboratory to be tested..

Where they analyze all the ingredients..

And ensure that every 30-day supply of Phytocet is the exact formula
that we’ve seen these incredible results with..

Now imagine having your friends, family, and co-workers compliment you
on your
new found confidence…

Your heightened energy levels…

And your ability to accomplish much more in any given day than you had before..

Will you share your new secret with them?

Or will you keep it to yourself…

But the choice is yours…

Would a more optimal daily performance lead to new opportunities for you?…

Or perhaps the ability to see a financial increase?..

Do you feel you would be a better spouse, parent, or friend if you were
getting a good night’s sleep..

Were able to move freely without stiffness…

And had a clear, calm, confident state of mind?..

So by now, many might be wondering:

How do we get our own supply of Phytocet right now?

And you might also be wondering…

How should you use Phytocet for the best results?

Well I have to tell ya, I wish it was that easy..

With the recent demand we’ve seen since going public with all this..

It’s kept our team working around the clock…

Currently, the demand we’ve seen for Phytocet has kept our team working around the

And due to the complicated and expensive equipment to properly manufacture
particles through our patented process..

We’re only able to produce around 1000 bottles per day and unfortunately back
orders have
become common…

There’s only a limited supply of Phytocet available to be claimed…

And thousands of Americans are quickly catching on to this brilliant

Which is amazing, but it makes it difficult to keep up with demand..

As excited as I am about the success people are having with Phytocet..

It also means that out-of-stocks is a very real risk…

But with that being said, I want to help the people that are willing to

So we’ve made a way for you to get your hands on
Phytocet while supply is still available..

But first, let me address that second question…

How should you use Phytocet for the best results?

The best part is using it couldn’t be easier…

Just give the bottle a few shakes, unscrew the top, squeeze the dropper,
and place
the liquid under your tongue, and then swallow…

Within 20 minutes you’ll start to feel it working…

Take Phytocet once a day for 30 days or whenever life has you feeling

Some of our users prefer it in the morning before they go out and face the

And others use it as a way to unwind in the evenings..

Many users actually report using it to both start their day AND end their

But here’s why it’s important that people take Phytocet for at least 30

Though it’s true that you will feel the nanotechnology-advanced
ingredients in
Phytocet start working within minutes…

The longer Phytocet is taken, the more potential it
has to truly increase your quality of life..

It often takes up to 30 days or longer for these receptors in your body to
completely filled with the cannabinoids..

And then once your endocannabinoid system is no longer deficient…

But instead, operating at maximum capacity…

It generates a profound increase in your body’s ability to adapt, improve,

Which can lead to some amazing results..

So it’s for all these reasons, that I personally recommend choosing at
least a 90
day supply of Phytocet…

And a 180 day supply for a chance at the best health possible…

Now I would like to tell you that the offer I am about to make you is only
available on this website..

And it won’t be around forever..

Because once we meet our current limited production capabilities, we
simply won’t
be able to handle any more customers..

But for those of you that ARE seeing this offer, and do have the chance to
advantage of it, think about this..

And we could have charged that..

But the reason we threw away half a million dollars was to help people, to
do what
was right..

Even though we know we could charge more than that…

And right before we officially went to market…

Dr. Tracy happened to give me some more feedback on this unique product
that would
lead to us adjusting the price one last time…

Without getting into detail, I have people in my own family
suffer from the issues of discomfort, which is really difficult to deal with…

The formula that we’ve created works… and it works like
that I’ve seen before…

It made me happy to hear a scientist with so much experience say this…

And it really made me think…

How could we find a way to offer this product for a lower cost to make it
affordable for those that need it?..

After discussing it with the team, and double checking all the details..

We came to the conclusion that we could, and would, offer this
formula well below what our so-called competitors were selling it at…

Phytocet is likely the most effective CBD product on the market…

Allowing people to be set free from what’s holding them back…

And live life more abundantly…

But we aren’t going to charge you that.. So right now and through this

Readers can take home Phytocet today at a major discount…

Plus, there’s all the benefits money can’t buy:

So thinking of all of this…

But I’m actually going to make you an even better offer today…

Because if our goal was simply to make more profit, we wouldn’t have thrown out
half a
million dollars of inventory..

Which is why when ordered right now…

But that’s just the beginning…

We realize that many people want to keep taking Phytocet for years to come…

But with the demand for the product continuing to increase since introducing it to

We don’t know when our production capabilities will max out..

So we can understand why most individuals are stocking up on 180 day supply
whenever it’s

It’s for these reasons that Phytocet is today offering an exclusive
plan at a substantial discount…

We’re also going to give you free shipping and handling for this*..

But both the discount and the free shipping are for a limited time…

Because what we need to do is max out our current production capacity..

So that we can place an order for the special equipment that’s required to produce
amazing product..

And hopefully one day we can expand the amount of people that can get access to
Phytocet’s benefits.

But I just can not overstate the fact that this special discount is only being
through this website..

For a very short window of time as part of our ‘Increased Production Campaign’…

So, choose the 180-Day supply, or any other package that’s right for you, and
secure an
order today while there’s still supplies in stock!

* Free shipping on 90- and 180-day supplies only.

After choosing a package…

Viewer’s will be redirected to a 100% secure and encrypted checkout page…

Where there is a simple order form to fill out..

Once you’ve submitted your purchase, your order is locked in and your selected
amount of
product is set aside and secured for you…

You’ll receive an email confirming your order..

Phytocet is on it’s way…

And will arrive within 5 business days of now…

So looking at the facts…

I know this product will improve your life..

Look, I know you’ll love this product and you won’t want to be without it…

Now, a single 30-day supply gives you a fair chance at experiencing some of
Phytocet can do for you..

While a 90-day supply guarantees you can keep taking Phytocet without

And with a 180-day supply…

Phytocet dedicated users set themselves up to enjoy their life for years to come…

So go ahead and choose a package of Phytocet…

Let’s do that now while there are still supplies in stock…

So that way you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your order is

*Special discounted pricing available for a limited time*

Here’s why this investment should be so easy to

Your investment today is also covered by a 180-day 100% Money Back

Right now just place an order..

And say “maybe” to Phytocet…

Then once your supply arrives a few days from now…

Most of Phytocet’s loyal customers…

Fall in love with what Phytocet can do for them!

There is really zero risk with this

And if for any reason Phytocet isn’t working out for you…

Just call or email Phytocet’s U.S. based customer service team..

And they’ll give you every penny of your money back..

No risk, no hassle, half used, doesn’t

This means there’s no downside here at all…

It’s a 100% risk free investment that comes with tons of health benefits…

And there’s a full 180 days (6 full months) to see if Phytocet is right for you..

If you love it, like I know you will… please give us your feedback so we can
share it
with others!

If you’re still here, you’re seeking the truth… Just like I always have…

These unique molecules from the hemp plant might just be the secret..

And we’ve figured out how to finally unlock and access their full potential..

So since there is no risk..

Go ahead and try Phytocet today…

And choose from one of the package options below right now…

YES! It’s time I felt like the best version
myself.. And secure my supply of Phytocet Now!

*Special discounted pricing available for a limited time*

Now it’s time to make a decision…

Please don’t ignore everything that you’ve learned today…

Especially now that I’ve shared all these secrets to why Phytocet is unlike
else we’ve ever seen before…

I am more than excited for you to go through this journey…

And step into a state-of-being that none of us ever thought was possible…

That’s why I want to make it easy to say “YES” to Phytocet…

Each investment is protected by a 180 Day Money Back Guarantee, which means
absolutely no risk…

So go ahead and claim your supply of Phytocet by choosing one of the packages

And say hello to your destiny.

YES! I want to start feeling like I was
intended to…
by securing my supply of Phytocet right now!

*Special discounted pricing available for a limited time*

Thanks for allowing me to share this info and this exclusive offer with you..

I hope I was able to provide you enough insight into why so many individuals are
passionate about CBD..

And why Phytocet’s new version of it is so unique and so special..

Our mission is truly to help people and we’ve left no stone unturned to bring you
the most
advanced, life-enhancing product possible..

#3 17th Ave S.
Nampa, ID 83651, USA.
Formulated in the USA.
For product returns, please see our refund policy

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FREE 7-Day Releasing & Letting Go Mindcamp with 60 day follow-up
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