Shell has to start (yes, start) paying taxes in the Netherlands so they are moving their entire compagnie, including personnel to an other country. Forget those few ultra rich dudes. Its these kind of compagnies we need to tax.

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At this point, i think the US should not be performing for free, they should start selling tickets for people to come enjoy the clown show !!!

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I had 2 restaurants with 30 employees, 1 place is gone due to covid, start from scratch with Phu1edf delivery, I cook myself no more employees. Wish me luck guys.

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Fellow 9gagers. I'm about to start a New adventure opening a comic/boardgames/wargames/merchandishing/magicthegathering/yugioh store. I put all my savings on it. Wish me luck brothers and sisters

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Amazon workers start their day, 2016.

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Bought this bad boy for 20€ today since i heard some good reviews about it, can’t wait to start

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Apparently this is how the covid-19 mutations start

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Lost my job 8 months ago due to the pandemic, had to live with my toxic family, lost an important person in my life, had mental breakdowns and suicidal thoughts, my health gets worse and worse, finally I can say that I have a job far away of all this, start from 0. Wish me luck!

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When the US "problems" start reaching Europe

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