‘Taking A Scammer For A Ride’: Person Hilariously Wastes An Hour And A Half Of This Scammer’s Day

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It’s no secret that cybercriminals are getting more ingenious these days. From advance fee scams and romance swindles to fake golden opportunities and banking or credit card fraud, no one can feel 100% safe these days. But just like scammers themselves, the targets of their con tricks are also getting smarter.

This person has recently shared an Imgur post captioned “Taking a Nigerian scammer for a ride.” In a series of screenshots, the author revealed how the scammer was eager to send him a very generous gift, asking for an address, an ID card and a Google Play gift card in return.

As you can suspect, the plans quickly turned sour for the con man who got trolled quite savagely. So tune in for the whole story right below and be sure to share your thoughts in the

This person has recently shared a hilariously savage chat they had with a Nigerian scammer

“3.4 million USD and a BMW? I’m interested!”

“That’s obviously not a picture of me btw. But he liked it!”

“Cake. Do you like it?”

“Surely the claim that I don’t have the internet should be a red flag for him?”

“He wants the cake? Ready for him when he arrives.”

Image credits: chillirobot

The author concluded that “this whole thing lasted about an hour and a half, I had a great time”

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