The Internet Is Going Bonkers For This Video In Which A Woman Shares Her “Ultimate Spaghetti Trick”

Everyone has their own method of cooking: some like following the recipe exactly as it’s written, others allow themselves to improvise. Those improvisations can end up being epic fails or can lead to discovering something genius, or it’s just what they thought.

A woman on Facebook shared her hack on how to quickly prepare spaghetti for a crowd of people, stating it’s the ultimate hack, but the internet thinks otherwise. The hack includes putting all the ingredients on the table, which don’t look that good either, and people are disgusted.

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Woman shared her method of preparing spaghetti for a crowd quickly by putting all the ingredients on the countertop

Image credits: Josh and Lisa

The video was posted by an account on Facebook named Josh and Lisa on April 22 and now has 25 million views. This Facebook page is full of cooking and prank videos and occasionally some personal content. The prank videos always have a disclaimer, “Please note that this page features scripted dramas, PARODY HACKS, parody and satire.” Which allows us to assume that the cooking videos are also parodies—well, at least, that’s what everyone would hope.

Other cooking videos by Josh and Lisa include various recipes for the waffle maker that are not waffles, others spread on the countertop, and non-conventional food combinations.

She said that this method is great because it doesn’t leave a mess and you don’t need to do the dishes after

Image credits: Josh and Lisa

In this particular video of preparing spaghetti with meatballs, Lisa says that she has all her friends coming and the method she is using is the quickest for making spaghetti for a crowd. Then she takes a tub of sauce and just pours it on the countertop.

As she is doing that, she comments, “It’s fun. It’s all just right in front of you. You don’t need to worry about the dishes or a mess, or anything like that,” which didn’t go unnoticed. People were pointing out that there’s definitely a mess and if the countertop is made of real marble, it could get stained from the sauce, and stains are not easy to get rid of. Furthermore, it’s not hygienic as countertops are porous and can hold bacteria.

Image credits: Josh and Lisa

Image credits: Josh and Lisa

Lisa then proceeds to put the meatballs in the sauce, saying she does this all the time, because it’s the fastest way to feed a lot of people and who wouldn’t want to lessen the time spent in the kitchen, right? Don’t forget to put a mountain of cheese, which also got people concerned about why it’s from a plastic jar.

The main ingredient of the dish is, of course, spaghetti, which Lisa takes out of the pot with her hands. If you get a close look at the spaghetti, it seems like the noodles have been overcooked and are sticking together, which for any Italian watching, could make their heart stop as cooking pasta is an art form of its own for them.

Lisa says that she does this all the time and that it’s the Italian way of preparing spaghetti and meatballs

Image credits: Josh and Lisa

Image credits: Josh and Lisa

The last step to this monstrosity is to mix it all up. When asked by the person filming where she got this idea from, Lisa answers, “Well, I’m Italian and real Italians—this is how you make spaghetti.” People did not react well to this and were saying that they weren’t Italian, but felt offended by this. Also, as many pointed out, spaghetti and meatballs aren’t even an Italian dish.

For finishing touches Lisa puts some salad on the side and puts some dressing on it

Image credits: Josh and Lisa

Image credits: Josh and Lisa

Image credits: Josh and Lisa

As mentioned previously, this account posts prank videos in which they put disclaimers that the page includes staged scripts and hack parodies. It is not mentioned that this video in particular is a parody, but it does resemble a trend that was going on on TikTok earlier this year when people were making nachos in a similar way, pouring everything on the table.

So, given the nature of other videos that Josh and Lisa post, it is possible that this way of preparing spaghetti is just a joke meant to show off how ridiculous the TikTok trend was. It could be that the spaghetti were overcooked on purpose and the Prego sauce that exasperated so many commentators was also just to add to the absurdity.

Here is the viral video if you would like to look at the trick in action

Video credits: Josh and Lisa

People couldn’t get over the fact that it was all done on the countertop and were saying they would never eat it

What do you think of this ultimate spaghetti hack? Do you feel this is a parody and people shouldn’t take the video seriously, or do you believe that there are people who actually cook like this? Put your opinions in the comments!

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