This Facebook Group Is All About Poor Wildlife Photos And They Are So Bad They’re Good (121 New Pics)

Wildlife photographers spend their entire lives learning about light and animal behavior. They are constantly on the lookout for new gear. And when they do go out in the field, they arm themselves with patience and often lay still for hours, much like an army sniper, blending in with their surroundings. However, none of that matters in the Facebook group Crap Wildlife Photography.

Like Bored Panda showed in our previous articles here and here, this place values the opposite. “This group is for all those photos that you took that didn’t turn out quite right,” its description says. “Maybe you chopped off that pigeon’s head, or maybe that lemur ran up the tree and you only caught its tail.”

However, even Crap Wildlife Photography has its standards. Its pics might be poorly composed and out of focus, but the group strives for original content that promotes good vibes and fun comments. Its members aren’t looking to start controversy, and they value all wildlife, not just furry critters. Continue scrolling and check out some of their latest posts!

He was very surprised to see all of these eyes looking up at him! Mama and babies were safely relocated. I am sure she will think twice before hiding inside a lawnmower bag again! 

Kathy Padilla Report

My Son Sent This

Said baby squirrel fell out of nest into goat pen and the goat was spooked by the squirrel. My son didn’t know what tree he fell out of. He scooped baby up in shovel and baby called to mom. Mom answered back. So he knew which tree. He too baby in shovel next to tree. It clung to the tree. My son said he watched out the window of his home and mom came and got the baby. 

Kim Ford Report

**warning** Wholesome Content Ahead

So April of 2020 we moved into our cottage. I was unpacking and I cleaned out a kitty litter box and set it outside to dry. We had a pop up rainstorm and the box filled with water. I left it to take care of the next day. The next day, I went outside and there was a small leopard frog in the water that had collected from the rain. There are no other water sources around for a good ways so I thought I would let it chill there. 3 days went by and it was obvious that this frog had made this water filled litter box it’s new home. I took this knowledge and went straight to Lowe’s to purchase a large laundry tub thing. I dug into the ground 2 feet down in the blaring Mississippi sun. I bought stones to decorate around the “pond” and some tropical plants for shade. Also added a huge piece of driftwood for decoration and a piece of 2×6 for shade & protection (currently building a cute little rope bridge) and made it very appealing to said teeny frog. Teeny frog loved it so much that it lived there for right at a year. Teeny frog got HUGE!! She had a roommate for a little while but i guess that didn’t work out. She made it through winter like a champ but disappeared about 3 weeks ago. Fast forward to today. I come home and walked over to the area because I bought a new plant to put over there and as soon as I got near, about 5-6 more teeny frogs scurried into the water. My friend may be gone but she left a legacy behind They are quite difficult to photograph (I’ll post a few photos of her in the comments to keep with the rules of the group) 

Shelley Hamlett Report

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