Woman Receives An Accidental Email From Her Potential Employer Calling Her ‘Not That Cute’

Writing emails is a more stressful task than it should be: just one wrong click and so many things can go wrong. What is more, emails are more often used for business and at work, so it’s not like making a typo in a message for your friend. That’s why people typically are more attentive and think over the way they say things more.

A business owner got involved in a very unpleasant situation just because he sent an email to the wrong person. Not only did he get the addressee wrong, but the message itself was unprofessional and shouldn’t have been written at all. The addressee was a 21-year-old girl and in the email she was called ‘not that cute.’

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A girl applying for a job received an email that wasn’t meant for her and in it, the VP of the company said she is “not that cute”

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The girl’s name is Gracie Lorincz, she is from Michigan and she recently graduated. So she went to apply for a brand representative job at Ava Lane Boutique, which is a clothing store. But the answer she got was not supposed to reach her and, to be honest, shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

Gracie shared the contents of that letter in a TikTok video that now has 1.8M views and 278k people liked it, but mainly to support the girl, not because they agreed with what was said in it.

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The email read, “This girl is fresh out of college (Hope college) and not that cute. She applied to the sales model position. Are you sure you want me to interview her?”

The part that was inappropriate, hurtful to Gracie and outraged people was the vice president of operations and the husband of the boutique’s owner, Chuck DeGrendel, saying that she is “not that cute.”

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Gracie posted the letter on her TikTok account and 1.3 million people were interested to see what it said

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The email and the comment were meant for his wife Laura, the owner of the company, but somehow mistakenly reached Gracie. What is ironic is that the clothing company’s motto, according to Gracie, was “Beauty through confidence” and these kinds of remarks don’t fit the belief they should have. In fact, now on their Instagram, you can find that their motto is “Confidence through fashion.”

Bored Panda reached out to Gracie to ask a few questions, but she was not up to an interview right now. Instead she said that her intent with the video “was simply to call out bad behavior and to encourage individuals to stand up for themselves.” She also added, “I don’t want to prolong the narrative. […] I want to spin this situation into a positive one.”

In response to the TikTok video, Chuck and his wife apologized on Facebook live

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In response to Gracie’s video, Chuck and Laura went live on Facebook and the VP apologized for his inappropriate words. He said “I didn’t feel she was that cute. So I didn’t know if I wanted to proceed with an interview. I don’t know why I said that, but I did, and I am very sorry for saying that.”

Both Chuck and Laura were talking with tears in their eyes that many people in the comments couldn’t let slip as they were convinced they were fake. They also thought that it was manipulative for Laura to say “I’m pretty sure the girl who Chuck has apologized to didn’t mean to, when she asked her followers to contact us, to threaten our family, the families who work here. I’m pretty sure that was not her intention, but that’s what happened.”

Here you can watch the full recorded Facebook live in which Chuck and Laura talk about the situation

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It seems that Gracie didn’t expect to reach so many people with her video and that they would defend her so actively. That’s why in the comments of the video, she asks viewers not to bother Chuck’s family. Also, one of the commenters noticed, in the viral video, that she didn’t ask anyone to contact him or his family in the first place.

In Gracie’s video, you can see that the email really upset the girl, even though she didn’t really say much

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What do you think of the email and the internet’s reaction to it? Do you think that people are treating Chuck and his wife too harshly and do you believe their apology was sincere? Another thing to think about is whether bosses looking for people for a brand representative have the right to make remarks about their looks. Let us know how you see the situation in the comments!

Most people seemed to support Gracie and condemned the owners for being insensitive in that email

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